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Outdoor advertising is a great marketing tool, as it is cost effective, unique and memorable. When the cost of outdoor media is compared with other media, such as television, large quantity and publication printing and radio, trailer and billboards are the most cost effective media when considering target audience numbers reached.

However price is not always the most important issue. Advertising must be effective. Outdoor advertising takes your message directly to your potential customers. With us, your message goes beyond other advertising media and cannot be ignored, tuned out, turned off or thrown away.

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Each product is customised to suit your needs and budget.

impact by numbers

Impact by numbers

Its all about the numbers… The more exposure you have the better your brand awareness. You don’t however need an army of trailers to achieve this. What we find as the best and most effective way, is to lower the cost with less trailers but once a week move the trailers to different locations within you target audience zone. This is great a way to flood your target audience with your message or product by visually repeating the trailer impression. Repetition is the key to growing your brand in a extremely competitive consumer market.

impact by numbers

Making effective use of your budget

We go out of our way to tailer a campaign to best suit a clients budget. We often find that splitting a campaign into regions and then dividing the trailers between those targeted regions is by far the most cost effective approach. One thing to bare in mind is that the production and preflighting costs are the more substantial portion of the campaign budget so longer campaigns have a lower “cost per day” as that expense is spread across more days then that of a shorter campaign period.

impact by numbers

Location, Location, Location

We have a variety of locations to choose from and will work closely with you to develop a campaign route by making the best selections possible within your target area. This maximises your message and exposure and grows your brand awareness within the campaign time frame. Tovani rotates and moves the trailers on a weekly bases all of which can be tracked and monitored with in our "client zone”.

impact by numbers

Self Adhesive Vinyl Stickers

Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) is a great and inexpensive means of updating existing trailer branding without having to reprint the original PVC artwork. It is a perfect way to reuse existing prints especially if campaigns are run on quarterly or annual bases. It is advised that the SAV stickers are not too big as they do tend to stretch when applied to a flexible substrate like PVC, however a great way to work around this obstacle is to have the SAV stickers laminated. Please feel free to ask us about this.

impact by numbers

Design is essential

It is very important to remember that billboards and mobile trailers will more often then not be seen while driving. So the rule of thumb is that your message needs to be communicated in as little content as possible, as the average time a consumer has to read your advert is 3 seconds. We suggest limiting your content to a headline/call to action, 2 or 3 secondary information points and then contact details. We are here to help and will gladly give you advise on your artwork.